Accounting Services

Auditing is only required for specific companies in Botswana. As a result a majority of companies require a comprehensive accounting service, which is rare to find in large and mid-tier accountancy firms especially when such a service integrates so naturally with audit, tax and advisory requirements.

Apart from keeping you abreast of the precise financial state of your business, our accounting services will keep you compliant with accounting standards and Generally Accepted Accounting Practices for smaller entities (Micro GAAP).

The basic accounting solutions and principles are applied to your management accounts and we focus on compliance with accounting standards through:

  • book keeping for smaller companies, owner-managed businesses, close corporations, trusts, sole proprietors and partnerships
  • preparation of accounting records from source documentation through to trial balances and financial statements
  • preparation of budgets and monthly management reporting accounts and the monitoring of actual results against budgets
  • internal review of accounting systems and preparation of accounting system manuals and implementation of the same

Falling behind in your accounting is a common problem for smaller companies who are caught up in the daily priorities of running a business. And many entities continue this way until something triggers the need to get them in order, and quickly. It could be an imminent tax deadline, the need for emergency funding, or the need for a tax clearance certificate, among others. Our competent personnel will step in to update your accounting records, produce a set of financial statements and make sure you meet your immediate regulatory and tax deadlines, to stringent deadlines. Once the urgent compliance with accounting standards has been completed, we can help you structure your business for maximum tax efficiency and profitability.

Our competent personnel are on-hand to assist you on an ad-hoc or permanent basis on-site or off depending on your business requirements and we can either bring in our own team to assist you or upskill and train your staff while managing the accounts.

In an effort to provide a seamless accounting solution, we can assist you in the setting up of Pastel and provide training and on-going support to your staff.