Financial Services

Mazars Financial Services is an independent Financial Services Provider registered with the Financial Services Board. Our enviable intellectual property and years of experience give us the know how to specialise in both the investment and risk spheres, although we are predominantly investment specialists and manage portfolios on a discretional and non-discretional basis.

Our services include:

  • comprehensive financial planning
  • independent risk planning (life, disability, critical illness & income protection)
  • retirement planning
  • investment planning / management

We believe that managing your money correctly before retirement is just as important as managing it correctly at retirement. We are able to advise on retirement funds (Pension, Provident & Retirement Annuities, Living Annuities) as well as flexible investment portfolios (Collective Investment Schemes, Shares, Property, Cash Alternatives etc.) and endowments.


Our close relationship with Mazars & Mazars partners allows us to grasp a clearer understanding of your circumstances. Working in close relationship with your accounting partner, you can rest assured that your investment portfolio will always be structured in the most tax-efficient manner and that all tax certificates and relevant documentation will be processed efficiently.


We believe in service excellence and commit to meet with our clients on a regular basis. Consultations are made as a team whereby you will have access to an advisor and a para-planner/administrator.


Our individuals have extensive experience, collectively and individually, in local and offshore investments. Our investment committee, consisting of actuaries, a professor in portfolio management, bond traders and portfolio managers, completes thorough analyses of all fund managers we support and determines our investment strategies.

We further rely on direct interaction with the fund mangers of leading international asset management companies to support our investment views.


Our expertise and work ethics is highly respected in the industry and held in high regard amongst our piers. Mazars Financial Services represented by Marius Fenwick also serve on the Allan Gray Independent Financial Advisor Forum - a forum where the top national advisors were selected and invited to attend. Only 19 independent national practises country wide were invited after a stringent selective process was completed – a feat that we are very proud of and where we received the accolades where we were adjudicated by 2 independent audits to be within the top 3% of all financial services providers in the country.

To our knowledge we are the only financial service provider where all staff (including administration staff) hold qualifications directly related to the industry at degree or equivalent level.

Conflict of Interest

In accordance with our conflict of interest management policy, Mazars Financial Services (Pty) Ltd (“MFS”) places a high priority on its clients’ interests. As conflicts of interest affecting clients could undermine the integrity and professionalism of our business, any instances must be identified as early as possible. If conflict situations cannot be avoided, they must be managed equitably and in the client’s interest. Detecting potential or recognized conflicts of interest that could compromise the interest of its clients and managing and limiting the impact of conflicts of interest therefore constitute an integral part of MFS’s duties and obligations.